Pilates to Improve Your Golf Game

Overcome the physical restrictions that limit your golf game so you can hit the ball longer with less pain.

play better | play longer | play safer

Do you feel like your swing has gradually become less fluid?

Are you frustrated with missing rounds of golf with your friends due to pain?

Are the hours practicing at the driving range not getting you the results you want?

If you are a golfer looking to improve your game or help you improve the efficiency and accuracy of your swing, at 360 Fitness Path, our Titleist Performance Institute golf medical professionals take an innovative approach to your golf game.

We help golfers improve the key fitness factors that allow for a smooth, accurate and consistent golf swing:

  • Improved posture when you address the ball
  • Improved hip and thoracic mobility
  • Improve you coordination for an effective and smooth swing
  • Increase core strength to protect your back from injury
  • Improve your balance to hit more effectively from different surfaces

Titleist Performance Institute

Golf Fitness Screen

The TPI Golf Fitness Screen is designed to find the physical limitations that are preventing you from playing your best golf game. The results of the screen help guide your Pilates session to improve the fitness needs unique to the golf swing.

We invite you to get started NOW on a path to improve your health as well as your golf game!

The screen includes 15 tests to assess your posture, balance, functional strength, flexibility, and the coordination required for an effective golf swing.


How will Pilates affect

your golf swing

Pilates is a low-impact style of strength training that improves your posture, core strength and flexibility. In this program, we focus on the mobility and strength that will improve your swing and endurance while reducing related pain, like back pain.

I help golfers improve their physical fitness and body control so they can

hit the ball longer with less chance of injury.




Pilates for Golf






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